• Multi-Functional Furniture

    ((For smaller spaces))

    Unique Design.

    Smaller spaces such as condos, lofts and marine environments can enjoy well built and stylish furniture.

    Features And Options.

    Alternatively, s Select from different seating and storage options depending on design

    Think big or small

    Do you have a design in mind to fit your space? It's OK we can help with that too!

    Learn more about our exciting furniture!

  • Smaller Spaces

    ((Thinking B-I-G, and small at the same time? Absolutely!))

    It starts with design.

    Utilizing every inch of space we can in our designs: Thinking inside the box.

    What is your plan?.

    Smaller spaces need to planned out, we can help integrate furniture into your vision.

    Multi-function furniture.

    Why just sit on your furniture when it can do so much more!

    Learn more about our exciting furniture!

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New Look, New Style.

We have been busy expanding!
Have a look at the new and exciting changes here at Michl Furniture!

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  • Fabric Styles

    We have a large selection of the most stylish and durable fabrics available.
    • Fabric
  • Furniture Styles

    We build unique, useful and high quality furniture. Guaranteed.
    • Custom
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  • Comfortable Styles

    We use all-natural Talalay latex in our furniture which provides you with superior comfort and longevity.
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  • Headboard Studio

    We make lots of different styles of headboards and beds! Choose a style and fabric. Easy!
    • Custom
    • Headboard
  • Re-Upholstery

    We are experts at re-upholstering your existing furniture and antiques.
    • Custom
    • Reupholstery
  • Custom Upholstered Furniture

    We can custom build upholstered furniture to your exact specifications. Commercial or Residential.
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    • Furniture

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Location and Hours

Michl Furniture
#28 - 2075 Henry Ave.
Sidney, BC V8L 1T2
P: (250) 656-2444
F: (250) 656-2444

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Store Hours
Monday-Friday: 8:00-4:00
Saturday: By Appointment
Sunday and holidays: Closed
  • Custom Furniture Design +

    Do you need a specific size or style of furniture to fit your room? We can make custom furniture from design to completion. Read More
  • Headboards +

    Custom and stock headboards are made right here for you! Read More
  • Antique Restoration +

    We can repair and restore any type of upholstered furniture from newer styles to vintage and antique pieces. It has been a specialty of ours for many years. Read More
  • Replacement foam and more! +

    Custom foam and replacement foam for everything! All-natural rubber latex foam, Poly foam, Fire-rated foam, Memory foam and more. Read More
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